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Part 1 - Secret recipe and miracle pill


Without a sensible diet, a healthy life is not possible and the path to the dream body will be endless. However, if you pay attention to the nutritional basics, you can not only increase your performance and health, but also achieve your dream figure.

Targeted nutrition for your dream figure

Armed with the right knowledge, only your own will and discipline will determine the success or failure of a diet. If reading the recommendations given here does not cause any problems, they usually start with the practical implementation. The current chapter and all the following ones are intended to help you expand your personal knowledge of the principles of a sensible diet and to overcome problems in their practical application.

Unfortunately, the diet prevalent in today's civilized society is anything but sensible, healthy or targeted. The necessary basic knowledge of a healthy and valuable diet is often lacking, so that overweight and obesity have become a significant social problem. The implementation of a targeted diet should therefore be a priority for everyone, above all in order to reduce the health and aesthetic problems caused by poor nutrition or to prevent them from occurring in the first place. This is the only way to stay healthy in the long term and achieve your personal target weight.

This introduction is intended to introduce the topic of nutrition and its subsections, to address some of the basics of nutrition and to arouse curiosity about the background. In the following chapters, we would like to convey the basics of nutrition, valuable diet recommendations and useful information about nutrients and their relationships not only to interested laypeople but also to advanced athletes. The aim is to enable independent discussion and successful practical implementation of the recommendations presented, in particular to promote health and achieve personal goals.



The receptivity to so-called "secret recipes" that are supposed to help you achieve your goals without effort, deprivation and discipline is and will remain a socially popular phenomenon. The "never-ending search" for the miracle pill, for a special and even secret workout for maximum muscle building or for the miracle diet for rapid fat loss will never end. There should be such a thing, shouldn't there...?!?

The search for the miracle pill will never end

We have to disappoint you at this point, because there is no such thing and the search for one will be fruitless! If there were such "secret recipes", everyone would be the best in their sport, would have lasting success and we would only crown winners - three people on the top podium, so to speak, and a constant shower of gold medals. The belief in miracle pills and secret recipes is a misconception of those who cannot and/or do not want to put in the effort and discipline to achieve their goal and/or are simply too lazy.

Utopian food constellations or extraordinary radical diets (just take a few from the extensive press: "Eat half" , "Brigitte Diet" , "Cabbage Soup Diet" , "Zero diet" etc.) are supposed to help us become slimmer, more beautiful and more successful. Please do this as quickly as possible - but preferably IMMEDIATELY! The advertising statements and promises are therefore always based on the wishes of your audience and unfortunately these are anything but realistic. It is therefore hardly surprising that many dieters give up after only a short time, end the diet and succumb to the dreaded yo-yo effect. The advertising promises were too unrealistic for success to be achieved in such a short time. But don't despair, because the next groundbreaking diet is just waiting to be tried out!

This paragraph may have an ironic undertone, but unfortunately that is precisely where the main problem lies. Because the numerous diets that people give up on create an aversion to diets, which unfortunately does not stop at diets that make sense from a nutritional point of view. The frustration experienced with dieting is often accompanied by the false belief that all diets cannot work per se. However, a diet that is based on sensible principles is never unsuccessful. It is rather our weak will that makes a diet seem pointless and unsuccessful. A diet can only be as successful as our will and our own discipline allow it to be. We are responsible for both ourselves and hold the chance of success or failure in our own hands. There are no excuses - not even good ones!


The basic idea of ​​the set point theory is based on the premise that a diet-related weight loss must be maintained for around 6 months so that the "new body weight" can be maintained in the long term. This point is called the set point and its basis is the set point theory. If we consume additional calories above our daily requirements, our organism is only able to maintain the reduced body weight after 6 months and not immediately gain back the lost kilos.

Lose weight successfully and healthily

But this fact is only valid for a limited period of time and ends when the positive calorie balance is maintained permanently. If the excess calories are not used up through exercise, they are stored in the fatty tissue. The set point theory explains in a simple way why most diets do not work in practice. They are simply not followed long enough for the body to get used to the "new weight", i.e. the new set point.

After a diet, it is not uncommon for people to return to their old and incorrect eating habits, which leads to a rapid gain in the weight they lost. Things often get even worse, as those who "drop out of the diet" store more fat due to their reduced metabolism and often weigh more after the diet than before. This process is also known as the yo-yo effect, which is explained in more detail in the next section.


The yo-yo effect is particularly common in radical diets that are carried out incorrectly, or in diets that are not followed long enough. The process is always the same: by reducing food intake at the beginning of a diet, the metabolism adjusts downwards and thus lowers. In order to protect valuable fat reserves, which are intended to ensure survival in times of need, the body's own protein, i.e. muscle, is used as energy. As a result, metabolically active mass in the form of muscle is burned. If the diet was too extreme and/or ended early, and old eating patterns are resumed, the sudden excess of calories, combined with the reduced metabolic activity, leads to increased fat storage.


The result of such an incorrect approach is an unchanged or even increased body weight and a change in body composition in the negative direction: namely less muscle and more fat. Due to its constant ups and downs, the yo-yo effect often creates resistance to reduction diets, which makes further fat loss significantly more difficult.

The successful diet without the yo-yo effect

In order to prevent this effect and to successfully implement a diet, a long-term change and adjustment of eating habits is necessary. The information provided in the following chapters and especially the basics of the pendulum diet should help to avoid the "dreaded" yo-yo effect and to successfully stick to a diet, whether in the form of weight loss or weight gain, in the long term.

This introduction is intended to motivate you to read the following chapters and successfully implement the information presented in reality. It begins with the energy balance, which is the basis of every successful diet. Then different types of diet are examined in more detail and their advantages and disadvantages are explained. The following chapters deal with the components of food, namely carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Basic information about minerals, vitamins and trace elements, as well as their occurrence, their importance and daily requirements, are explained in detail in the last parts. The extensive category on nutrition is concluded with the determination of the fluid balance and the presentation of various useful recipes.

With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading and, above all, good luck in achieving your goals. We are sure that the information on this website will make a significant contribution to this! How big this contribution will ultimately be is entirely in your hands. We can show you the door, but you have to open it and go through it all by yourself. Make the most of it, because you only have one life and one body!

With sporting greetings
your FREY Nutrition® Team and

Andreas Frey
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