With the right nutritional power for success - FREY Nutrition is the exclusive sponsor of the Paderborn professional basketball team


Dominik Meyer, Managing Director of Gartenzaun24 Baskets Paderborn: "Frey Nutrition is our new partner when it comes to ideal nutritional supplements for high-performance athletes, as the increased requirements can only be met with difficulty or hardly at all through normal nutrition. That's why our guys rely on the scientifically tested products after training and competition to replenish their reserves and optimize their electrolyte balance. Such a nutritional balance is the best prerequisite for top performance on and off the court."

Ina Frey, owner and managing director of Frey Nutrition: "I am looking forward to a successful partnership that consists of the supply of our high-quality nutritional supplements and our professional advice. It is important to me to support the Baskets holistically and I am proud to take on the part of sports nutrition. Without the right nutrition, no sporting success can be achieved. A targeted supply of nutrients and the support of regenerative processes are therefore the main factors that are the focus of the cooperation. I hope that we can actively contribute to a successful Baskets season!"