Cologne List

FREY Nutrition has been a proud cooperation partner of the Cologne List for many years!

This long-term partnership connects a leading sports nutrition brand with a highly respected clean sports nutrition platform and underlines our ongoing commitment to quality and reliability.

The Cologne List has built a reputation for rigorous testing of dietary supplements for banned substances in sport. Our close collaboration with this platform provides our customers with additional assurance that our products meet the highest anti-doping standards and are manufactured with the utmost care.

For many years, FREY Nutrition has consistently worked to uphold the integrity of the sport and provide athletes with the best possible support. Our long-standing partnership with the Cologne List is a sign of our commitment to developing products of the highest quality, while ensuring reliability and safety for professional and ambitious athletes.

The partnership with the Cologne List demonstrates our commitment to strengthening the sports community and promoting transparency in the sports nutrition industry. We are proud to have maintained this valuable collaboration for many years and look forward to continuing to help athletes achieve their sporting goals in an honest and safe way.