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Column 4 | Cell growth


Column 04 - Cell growth
Hello Andreas, I am 23 years old, 1.76 meters tall and weigh just 58 kilos. I have been in prison for a year and a half and have very little opportunity to exercise. Once a week I can do an hour of spinning. I do pull-ups on the locker in my cell and also do push-ups with different hand widths and with my feet level and raised. Dips are also possible on a chair.

As far as nutrition goes, I can make pasta with tuna sauce and beans with rice or potatoes. I also have cottage cheese, sour cream, oatmeal, cornflakes, chocolate and fruit muesli at my disposal, as well as milk with one and a half and three and a half percent fat. I still have seven months to go and would really like to gain a few kilos. Can you help me with a training and nutrition plan? Does the use of supplements make sense in my situation?


Andreas Frey answers
Despite your difficult situation, I want to try to help you achieve your weight gain goal. Your limited training options can be compared to someone who does their workouts at home and has little equipment at their disposal. I myself trained at home for three years before I decided to sign up at a gym.


I recommend the following training breakdown:
3-split training
  • Monday: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps
  • Tuesday: Break
  • Wednesday: legs, calves, stomach
  • Thursday: Break
  • Friday: Back, Biceps
  • Saturday: 60 minutes spinning
  • Sunday: Break


The combination of chest, shoulders and triceps is very beneficial because all muscles are stressed at the same time: while you train your chest, your shoulders and triceps are also trained.

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This saves you time, also because you don't need to warm up again before training your shoulders and triceps, as these muscles are already warmed up by your chest training. After a few preparatory light push-ups and stretching exercises, do six work sets of push-ups, the first three with your feet in a normal position and the other three with your feet raised. For effective shoulder training, you should get some dumbbells.

I don't know if that's possible for you, but you can train almost anything with them. If necessary, you can use large plastic bottles filled with water or sand. With these "dumbbells" you do three sets of shoulder presses and three sets of lateral raises. Always make sure you do them in a controlled manner, without cheating or moving too quickly. The upward movement should take one to two seconds, the downward movement three to four seconds. For the triceps, I recommend three sets of dips on the chair.

You should be able to do up to twelve repetitions in each working set. Rest for two minutes between sets.


Leg training is relatively simple: you can train your thighs and calves while standing, using squats and calf raises. Five sets of each exercise are enough. Since leg muscles grow better when you do a lot of repetitions, it's not a problem if you work without additional weights and do 30 to 50 repetitions per set. For your abdominal muscles, three sets of conventional crunches are enough. To do this, lie on your back on the floor, place your feet on the bed or chair and tense your abdominal muscles while you "roll up". Avoid using your arms if possible.


For the back, I recommend pull-ups with different grip widths: three sets with a wide grip and three sets with a narrow grip, each with six to twelve repetitions. As for the biceps, curls with a dumbbell or bottle are suitable. Five sets should be enough.


Use spinning to increase fat burning and improve your cardiovascular system. Stick to a heart rate of 150 beats per minute, which has been proven to have the greatest fat burning and metabolism-boosting effect.

Pull-ups for maximum back development


With your body weight and training schedule, you would need to consume around 2000 calories a day to keep your weight constant. But since your goal is to gain weight, you should consume an additional 500 calories. Divide the total of 2500 calories as follows:
  • 200g protein
  • 300 g carbohydrates
  • 60 g fat
You should stick to this nutrient breakdown for the next few months. Always make sure that you eat the most substantial meals of the day in the morning and after training. In total, you should eat five to six meals a day to ensure that your muscles receive a consistent supply of nutrients.
The PWN will help you to ensure adequate nutrient intake.
For the first meal after your workout, I recommend that you use supplements. After training, you need to replenish your glycogen stores as quickly as possible and provide proteins for muscle building. To support this, I recommend the following composition - based on your body weight of around 60 kilos:
  • 60 g MALTO 95 = complex carbohydrates (approx. 6 tablespoons)
  • 30 g TRIPLE WHEY = fast protein (approx. 3 tablespoons)
  • 10 caps. ANABOLIC BCAA + = branched chain aminos
  • 10 g PURE GLUTAMINE = L-Glutamine
  • 5 g CREATIN PUR = pure creatine monohydrate
This meal after training is also called PWN, which means post-workout nutrition and is the first meal after the workout. The PWN will help you to provide an adequate supply of nutrients that your trained muscles urgently need after training. The complex carbohydrates, in the form of MALTO 95 supplies your muscle cells with glycogen, which promotes regeneration. TRIPLE WHEY , as an optimal triple whey protein, provides high-quality and, above all, quickly absorbable protein for the construction of new muscle cells. Through the use of ANABOLIC BCAA + your insulin level is increased. Insulin is responsible for the increased intake of nutrients needed for muscle building. PURE GLUTAMINE is particularly important to ensure effective regeneration. This means you will recover much faster before your next training session and will then be able to perform at full capacity again.

Optimal PWN after training is essential
If you want to get the most out of the prison time that lies ahead of you, I recommend taking CREATINE . It causes water to be stored in the muscle cells and thus helps to increase strength and thus also build muscle.

I don't know what the situation is with obtaining supplements in your prison, but I hope it's not too much of a problem.

I wish you all the best for the remaining seven months and much success in building muscle - especially in freedom!

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