Teil 6 - Das optimale Training - Demo-Frey-Nutrition

Part 6 - The optimal training


In order to lay the foundations for optimal training, a sensible division and an effective combination of muscle groups is essential. The training of the individual muscles should be efficiently structured and sensibly linked. Both factors are largely determined by the individual goals, training progress and training frequency.

Effective training is sensibly divided

It goes without saying that an athlete who wants/can train 4 days a week should follow a different plan, i.e. a different split, than someone who only has time for 2 to 3 training days a week. Likewise, the training of a professional competitive athlete with, for example, 5 to 6 training days a week requires adherence to different training principles than is the case with, for example, the training of a beginner.

The following training plans are intended to help you put together the optimal training - from beginner to advanced to professional.

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