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Chili | Lose weight with chili & co.


Capsaicin is an alkaloid that is extracted from plants. It is found in bell peppers and chili peppers and, incidentally, only in humans and mammals, causes a spicy sensation on the skin and/or mucous membranes. The capsaicin itself and all substances that are extracted from it and cause spiciness are called capsaicinoids. They are colorless and are not destroyed by cooking or freezing. Incidentally, contrary to popular belief, most of the capsaicin is not contained in the seeds of the chili/bell pepper, but in the placenta and the seed septa. If you want to make your chili peppers less spicy, you should not only remove the seeds, but also the white skin and the stem.



Capsaicinoids stimulate the nerve endings of certain receptors, which are found on the oral mucosa, among other places. When the capsaicin reaches these receptors, it triggers a sharp or hot sensation. The human body counteracts this sensation by increasing blood flow to the skin/mucous membrane. The increased blood flow causes the body's temperature to rise. The body has to compensate for this by sweating in order to dissipate the heat. The body cools down as the sweat evaporates.

Increasing fat loss with capsaicin

Because the production of heat stimulated by capsaicin consumes a lot of energy, capsaicin is known as an energy consumer and is recommended for burning fat. Due to its blood circulation-increasing effect in the mucous membrane, capsaicin also stimulates the flow of saliva, which in turn has a positive effect on digestion.


Anyone who would like to take advantage of the beneficial effects of capsaicin must change their diet and change their European eating habits to an Indian, Mexican, Indonesian or Thai diet. At the very least, chili should be on the menu frequently.

Because this is not easy for someone who has only known European spice mixtures, he or she must slowly get used to using chili in food. If a lot of chili is added to food the first time, not only will it cause sweating and increased fat burning, but it can also lead to irritation of the stomach lining and nausea and vomiting can occur.

Chili & Co can support fat burning

The spiciness of food must be increased slowly until European taste buds get used to it. To increase the spiciness slowly, you can initially use only the chili peels and pulp as a spice, cutting away the white membranes and seeds. Little by little, a little more of the hot chili parts are added until the body no longer rebels. Then it has gotten used to the changed seasoning. Fat burning through capsaicin still takes place to a greater extent when the spiciness no longer poses a problem for the organism.


The metabolism stimulant capsaicin is not only found in chili peppers, but also in bell peppers, Spanish pepper and Tabasco. If you want to lose weight with chili & co, you just need to include these foods or spices in your diet more often.

X-BURN for fat loss

With chili, Tabasco, pepper, sambal oelek, ginger and Asian spice mixtures you can activate your metabolism and sweat your way to a slimming effect. Because few Europeans can consistently eat spicy food, it is quite a difficult undertaking to try to lose weight with the help of chili or peppers alone.

But if you use these little spices as additional support for losing weight, you can't go wrong. The prerequisite, of course, is that you slowly get your stomach or stomach lining used to the spiciness in the food.

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