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Creatine | Sodium and Creatine


In the study study according to Williott CA et al. It was investigated whether creatine uptake can be influenced by a simultaneous sodium intake. The study was able to show that creatine uptake in the muscles is increased at higher sodium concentrations. When the sodium concentration was reduced, a significantly reduced transport of creatine into the muscles was found.

Creatine with sodium for increased absorption

Thus, not only insulin is able to significantly improve the creatine influx into the muscle cells, which has already been proven in numerous studies, but also the combined intake of creatine with sodium can OPTIMIZE RECORDING .

The better effect of creatine at higher sodium concentrations could be an indication of why some creatine products that contain other substances such as sodium as well as dextrose or maltodextrin as a "transport matrix" are particularly effective. If you also consider that the absorption of fluids and carbohydrates in the intestine is also dependent on sodium, the point of a small dose of this mineral with the post-training meal in the form of table salt (around 200 to 500 mg) becomes clear.

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