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Glutamine | The meaning and effect


De Palo et al. examined triathletes before and after a one-month BCAA supplementation (0.2 g/kg body weight per day, corresponding to 15 g daily for 75 kg body weight). Before a 60-minute exercise at about 80% of the maximum heart rate, the athletes were given 9.64 g BCAAAS administered. Plasma concentrations of lactate (lactic acid), growth hormone and its binding protein were then measured.

According to a study, BCAAs can reduce lactate production

After one month of supplementation, the lactate levels after the intensive endurance exercise were lower than before the 4-week BCAA intake. The BLOOD LEVELS OF GROWTH HORMONE higher after exercise than before the one-month administration of branched-chain amino acids.

BCAAs include L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine

The lower lactate concentrations after exercise suggest that long-term BCAA supplementation leads to an improved use of these amino acids during exercise. According to the present study, the trend towards higher growth hormone levels after exercise could De Palo et al. lead to increased protein synthesis in the muscles in the long term, thus underlining the potential of these three important amino acids. For this purpose, BCAAs should DIRECTLY BEFORE TRAINING taken on an empty stomach.

BCAAs in capsule and powder form are absorbed the fastest, while those in tablet form are absorbed the slowest.

Based on the study conducted, BCAA intake before and after training FOR A MUSCLE BUFFER A rapid absorption of the branched-chain amino acids should be achieved here, which is why BCAAs in capsule or powder form are optimal. Due to the rapid absorption of capsules or powder in just a few minutes, a rapid BCAA supply is achieved, which means that the positive effects of the branched-chain amino acids take effect more quickly.

In powder form, BCAAs are absorbed faster

Based on the results available, BCAAs could conserve muscle protein during a diet phase by being used as energy when needed. For this purpose, BCAAs should be taken evenly throughout the day. Tablets have proven to be the best form of intake, as tablets release the BCAAs they contain more slowly and consistently to the muscle cells. This form of administration is very popular with athletes during diet periods and is therefore often used.

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