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Training | One set and maximum concentration


The study by Fincher et al. investigated whether a single-set training with high intensity (according to the HIT principle) has a more positive effect on strength gains than a conventional training program with several sets. The test subjects were not untrained, but trained football players.

One-set training with maximum concentration

The study was carried out with 2 groups of 16 male subjects each. The first group undertook weight training for 10 weeks, performing only one set of 6 to 10 repetitions of each exercise until concentric muscle failure. The athletes were instructed to continue to tense their muscles after muscle failure and to hold the weight for a few seconds longer (isometric contraction). The other group also trained for 10 weeks, but performed three sets of 6 to 10 repetitions each. Both groups completed 4 exercises per training session. If concentric muscle failure occurred, the subjects stopped the set without further isometric contraction.

The training should be short and intense!


The increase in strength in both the upper body and the leg area was significantly greater in the group that had only performed one set, but with maximum concentration. This study once again proves the superiority of a SHORT AND HIGHLY INTENSIVE TRAINING SESSIONS . However, it must be remembered that studies lasting less than 12 weeks very often show a significant improvement with one-set training. In studies lasting longer than three months, the results of the group with one-set training are still superior to the group with three sets, but not measurable to a significant extent. Therefore, it must be assumed that high-intensity training with only a few sets can lead to a habituation effect in the long term, but this applies to all forms of training.

Rather, here too, progress is often only achieved over a limited period of time, as the training is initially unfamiliar to the body. Or to put it another way: Although short and intensive training is still the most effective, only switching between different training methods always sets NEW GROWTH STIMULI and is the only way to exploit genetic potential.


Dipl.-Hdl. Andreas Frey (Owner & Managing Director FREY Nutrition ® , IST lecturer, SR columnist, NAC juror, nutritionist, 3-time world champion & Mr. Universe)


Fincher GE II et al.: ?The Effect of High Intensity Resistance Training on Peak Upper and Lower BodyPower Among Collegiate Football Players?, Abstract presented at the ACSM Congress (2000).
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