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Column 48 | Supplement advice for beginners


Column 48 - Supplement advice for beginners
I recently started training and I'm having pretty good results. Now I want to get even more out of it with supplements, but with so many products on the market I'm not sure what's good for me. What can you recommend?


Andreas Frey answers
The big topic of supplements certainly cannot be covered in detail in this section. However, I will do my best to summarize everything important for future success.


Get two high-quality protein products for different times of the day. Firstly, a whey protein that can be absorbed very quickly by the body. You take it when your body has an increased need for protein. This is the case first thing in the morning when you get up and immediately after training. Make sure the product has a high protein content. Many whey proteins contain a lot of fat and carbohydrates in addition to protein, which you should not use. A combination of different whey proteins (such as concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate) makes the most sense, as this leads to increased and constant absorption into the muscle cells.
You can only build muscle with an adequate and targeted protein intake.
As a second product, I recommend a casein-based protein. You can consume this throughout the day and especially just before going to bed. Casein is able to supply the body with protein for up to six hours. Here, too, there are multi-component products, such as the PROTEIN 96 which have an advantage over monoproducts. By using several components, the total protein has a higher biological value, which is more beneficial for muscle building. Make sure that the carbohydrate and fat content is low, as these two nutrients can promote fat storage shortly before going to bed and inhibit optimal growth hormone release. In the article THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF PROTEINS you can find out about the types of protein available on the market.
If you want to build muscle, you can't avoid nutritional supplements. However, given the promising advertising messages, it can't hurt to take a critical look at the products on offer.


A good carbohydrate product (maltodextrin) is essential. It is ideal for replenishing the glycogen stores depleted during training. Many people neglect this point because they are afraid that carbohydrates will make you fat after training. However, if you have trained really intensively, fat storage through maltodextrin after training is impossible because the body uses it for its glycogen stores. Use a maltodextrin product with a low dextrose equivalent/DE (for example MALTO 95 ). A low DE indicates a high proportion of polysaccharides and a low content of low molecular weight sugars (mainly glucose, fructose and sucrose). And the lower this value, the faster, more economical and constant the glycogen replenishment. For maltodextrin, a DE between twelve and 13 is optimal.


In combination with protein, AMINO ACIDS particularly good for creating an anabolic state, especially BRANCHED CHAIN ​​AMINO ACIDS (BCAAS) in free and pure form with whey protein hydrolysate.

Take such BCAAs about 30 minutes before training. And taken after training, BCAAs - in combination with whey protein hydrolysate and maltodextrin - promote glycogen replenishment because they contribute to optimal insulin levels. This is very important for building muscle.


WHEY PROTEIN , MULTI-COMPONENT PROTEIN , MALTODEXTRIN and BCAAAS are enough to start with. Nothing more is needed at your training stage to achieve the desired results. Other supplements - such as creatine, glutamine, Tribulus Terrestris or so-called fat burners - may make sense at a later point in time when you have reached a certain advanced level.
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