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Column 49 | Basics of competition preparation


Column 49 - Basics of competition preparation
I'm interested in taking part in a competition. I've been training for three years, I'm 1.85 meters tall, I weigh about 125 kilos in the off-season and I want to start in the bodybuilding class next year. Can you give me some helpful tips for my plan? What do I need to pay attention to?


Andreas Frey answers
In the following I would like to discuss the most important points of competition preparation:


The build-up phase for a competition should last around 16 weeks. During this time, the aim is to gain as much weight (primarily muscle mass) as possible without increasing the body fat percentage. By specifically increasing the protein and carbohydrate intake, you create the basis for then starting stage 2...
During the diet phase, the weight loss should ideally be between 500 and 700 grams per week and should not exceed the kilo mark.


Depending on your body fat content, you should allow around twelve to 16 weeks for the diet phase. This phase is about maximum fat burning while maintaining muscle mass as best as possible. By reducing carbohydrates accordingly and regularly increasing cardio training, you should aim to lose 500 to 700 grams of body fat per week. However, the loss should not exceed the kilo mark per week. The motto in this phase should be consistent and effective rather than too fast and ineffective, because losing weight too quickly is not uncommonly accompanied by a loss of muscle mass. This scenario should be avoided at all costs. As in the build-up phase, the need for fats should primarily be covered by healthy vegetable oils such as safflower, rapeseed and linseed oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are also useful in this phase, as they improve the body's general fat mobilization.


Everything has to be perfect on stage
This phase is about the targeted manipulation of the water balance so that you can be in your best shape on stage on day X. This phase should last about two weeks. First, all dairy products are eliminated. Creatine supplements should also be avoided until three days before the competition. Three days before the competition is also the right time to reduce sodium intake to zero. Then it is important to influence the water balance so that there is no more water under the skin, and instead it ensures that the muscles are as full and large as possible.


Not only muscle mass and definition are necessary for successful participation in a competition, but also the right presentation on stage. This includes posing, a sufficient tan and general charisma. Becoming a good poser requires practice. Some people are born with the talent for it, others have to work hard to achieve it. Maintaining the compulsory poses in particular requires a lot of stamina and should be practiced extensively beforehand - ideally in front of a mirror and under the critical observation of a training partner.
Always smile nicely! If you look grim on stage, the judges may also perceive you that way.
Posing should be skillful
Due to inadequate or unflattering tanning, there have been many unpleasant surprises in the results of a competition. If the colour is too thin or too thick or unevenly applied or the colour is not right, points can be deducted - especially if the muscles are not shown off optimally for the reasons mentioned. "Not too much and not too little" is the motto. It is best to try out the favourite colour beforehand to see how it looks on the skin. I myself have always preferred the colour DREAM TAN and always had a perfect color on stage, which also contributed to the correspondingly good placements.

Depending on your skin type and the tanning product, it is not necessary to lie under a tanning bed several times beforehand. With certain pastes, you can achieve a good tan within 15 minutes, for example with the color DREAM TAN .

Personal charisma is an important point that should not be neglected! If you look grim on stage, the judges may also perceive you that way. So always remember to smile on stage! And last but not least, your own willpower, dedication to the sport and iron discipline are the cornerstones of a successful championship participation, for which I wish you the best of luck!

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