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Column 71 | Supps for the contest



Column 71 - Supps for the Contest


Column 71 - Supps for the Contest
I would like to take part in a bodybuilding competition in Bascharage/Luxembourg next year. In 2010 you made a guest appearance there, which I was very impressed by. I am 62 years old and weigh 72 kilos at a height of 1.70 metres.

I train three times a week around eleven o'clock in the morning: Monday legs and shoulders; Wednesday chest and triceps; Friday back and biceps; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are free. In the morning I eat a mixture of oatmeal with egg white and whey protein; at lunch carbohydrates with turkey or fish or red meat. In the evening almost only protein with few carbohydrates. My question is: In your product catalog you recommend TRIPLE WHEY or ISO WHEY before and after training.

On the DVD ?THE SEMINAR? you say that you should take carbohydrates before and after training. At the moment I take TRIPLE WHEY before and after training and three CREATINE X6 TABLETS . Could I use this to prepare for the competition?


Andreas Frey answers
In order to be successful in a competition, all relevant aspects must be implemented optimally: nutrition, training, posing and supplementation.

You can find information on the first two topics here on our website under NUTRITION , TRAINING and in the section STUDIES AND ARTICLES Lots of information that will definitely help you. It's worth reading!

Regarding sensible supplementation for competition preparation, I can particularly recommend the following nutritional supplements:


Buy Glutamine Powder
GLUTAMINE is the most common amino acid in muscles and is therefore primarily used up during intense strength and endurance exercise. This consumption must be compensated for, especially immediately after training. Otherwise, a catabolic state can occur in which the body uses muscle tissue as energy. This should be avoided by using glutamine powder.

I recommend two to three servings of ten grams each daily - one serving immediately after training together with the post-workout shake.


Order BCAAs online
BCAAs are the muscle buffer par excellence. If there are not enough of them, our organism increasingly relies on muscle tissue during dieting periods. BCAAAS are metabolized directly in the muscles (no breakdown in the liver), they can be used as energy if sufficient intake is available and thus protect the muscles. Eight to ten grams (equivalent to 8 to 10 capsules) before and the same amount directly after training will help you to preserve your muscle mass.


Whey protein
A protein shake is a quick and, above all, convenient way to supply the body with protein. You should drink one or two shakes daily, and another one together with MALTO 95 immediately after training. In the morning and immediately after training, a FAST PROTEIN LIKE TRIPLE WHEY . In between meals and especially before going to bed, the slower PROTEIN 96 is the optimal choice.


CREATIN X6 for the diet phase
Creatine is an excellent means of increasing strength and muscle growth. However, it is not only useful during the build-up phase. During a diet, it is mainly used to maintain muscle mass and performance due to the increased water storage in the cells. Therefore, your use of CREATINE X6 definitely a good thing.

Please note that this creatine only stores water in the muscle cells and not under the skin, which is why it should be preferred over conventional creatine monohydrate when preparing for a competition. However, you should also stop taking this creatine three to four days before the competition, as it could interfere with the targeted manipulation of the water balance that is carried out during these days.


Carnipure from Lonza
For additional fat burning FAT BURNER I recommend products with green tea extract, caffeine and synergistic, i.e. mutually reinforcing, ingredients.

However, fat burners can only support a diet and not replace it. Only when the diet and training are right can they develop their full effect and make a significant contribution to the success of the diet.

Effective supplements for competition preparation
It is not true that I recommend carbohydrates before and after training on my DVD "The Seminar". I generally never recommend carbohydrates immediately before training. And for good reason!

A carbohydrate intake before training would counteract the greatest possible growth hormone release, which is triggered by intensive training on an empty stomach.


Order maltodextrin in the shop
After training, carbohydrates in short-chain form (ideally as maltodextrin) should be consumed in order to replenish the depleted glycogen stores and stop the release of the catabolic hormone cortisol.

For these purposes, MALTO 95 the product of choice because it contains a special maltodextrin that has both a high glycemic index and a very low dextrose equivalent - both properties that ensure a rapid and strong glycogen loading of your muscles.

Carbohydrates are also important after training during the diet phase, albeit in slightly reduced quantities. While the recommendation during the build-up phase is 1 gram of MALTO 95 after training, you can reduce this amount by half during the diet phase. I wish you all the best and lots of success in your competition preparation!
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Send us your question!


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