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Column 80 | The optimal training split



Column 80 - The optimal training split


Column 80 - The optimal training split
I have been training for two years. My diet is fine so far, as is my supplementation. My training plan itself is also fine in terms of exercises, sequence and intensity. I just think that my splitting of the individual muscle groups needs improvement. I would have liked to do a four-way split in one week, but I can't seem to get to grips with the division. I would prefer the following split:

DAY 1 | Chest and biceps
DAY 2 | Legs and stomach
DAY 3 | Break
DAY 4 | Back
DAY 5 | Shoulders and triceps
DAY 6 | Break
DAY 7 | Break

However, this split doesn't fit in with my working hours: I work two days in a row and then have three days off. That looks like this:

DAY 1 | 8am-8pm
DAY 2 | 5am-1pm and 7pm-5am
DAY 3 | free
DAY 4 | free
DAY 5 | free
DAY 6 | like day 1
DAY 7 | like day 2

I've tried, done and thought about things, but I can't seem to find a solution when it comes to the order of my training sessions! For the last year and a half, I've trained my whole body on my three days off (?push/legs/pull?), but that didn't work at all in terms of regeneration. I felt tired and all too often had the feeling that I was over-trained...


Andreas Frey answers
First of all, your "desired split" doesn't look bad at all. However, I do have a small suggestion for improvement: do your biceps training immediately after your back workout. This split simply saves you time, which will benefit your regeneration.

Always train back and biceps together
Because your back training has already warmed up your biceps sufficiently, you can go straight to the first heavy work set for your biceps after your last back set. Because of the pre-fatigue, you won't be able to handle the weights that you can with "fresh" biceps. But as we all know, bodybuilding is not about strength, but about muscle mass and definition; the training weight is just a means to an end. What matters, however, is maximum intensity and muscle failure!
Weights are just a means to an end. What matters more is maximum intensity to the point of muscle failure!
Each repetition should be clean and controlled
Also, always make sure that you perform your movements correctly! Avoid swinging the weights or distorting the movement, as this can lead to injuries...

Because of your specific work rhythm, it will indeed be difficult to fit a four-split exactly into the seven days of a week. Therefore, you should give priority to a sensible training sequence. My suggestion for effective workouts, taking into account your work and recovery times, is as follows:

DAY 1 | no training
DAY 2 | no training
DAY 3 | Chest
DAY 4 | no training
DAY 5 | Legs and stomach
DAY 6 | no training
DAY 7 | no training
DAY 8 | Back and biceps
DAY 9 | no training
DAY 10 | Shoulders and triceps
In this way, you train your body within ten days and also ensure sufficient recovery times - not only for your training, but also for your workload.
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