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Creatine | Creatine Serum Worthless


Creatin Serum® - a liquid creatine product - was very popular a few years ago. in fashion and was sold briskly for a long time. Reason enough to take a closer look and test the product and examine its creatine content. It is still very controversial whether it is even possible to keep creatine stable in liquid using the methods currently available.

Creatine is unstable in liquid

The results of this study suggest a clear no. Creatin Serum® was tested three times by three different laboratories to determine the creatine content. To be fair, two different production batches were also used for analysis.

The result was not only sobering, but simply shocking, because the creatine content was less than 100 mg per dose, instead of 2500 mg as stated on the packaging. In other words, the creatine content was only 4% of what was promised. The remaining 96% was creatinine, the ineffective breakdown product of creatine. CONCLUSION: STAY AWAY FROM LIQUID CREATINE!

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