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Creatine | Creatine and protein consumption


It is often argued that creatine should not be taken together with protein, as dietary protein stimulates the production of stomach acid and thus causes more CREATINE It breaks down into ineffective creatinine in the digestive tract, thus limiting the effectiveness of the supplement. Some even go so far as to recommend stomach acid blockers when taking a supplement to optimize creatine absorption.

Creatine can be combined with protein

The present study proves that all this is unnecessary. Schedel et al. show that the creatine level in the blood increased 20-fold after a single dose of 5 g of creatine. This peak concentration was reached 2.5 hours after ingestion. In contrast, the creatinine level in the blood only increased by a maximum of 13%. In the second experiment, 5 g of creatine was taken in conjunction with 60 g of whey protein concentrate. The creatine level reached after 2.5 hours was - as was the case with the sole dose - 20-fold. The creatinine level increased by around 15%.

These results suggest that the conversion of creatine to creatinine in the stomach due to the acidic environment is in practice absolutely negligible. Taking creatine together with protein DOES NOT AFFECT THE EFFECTS OF CREATINE , as has been proven in other studies.

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