Collection: Buy carbohydrates online

Bodybuilders and endurance athletes need not only proteins, but also CARBOHYDRATES. Especially after training and when glycogen stores are depleted, the intake of quickly available carbohydrates, such as those contained in MALTO 95, makes a lot of sense. Immediately after training, the muscle cells are more receptive to nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins. The faster the required nutrients are supplied, the faster regeneration can begin and muscle can be built up.

It is particularly recommended to take it in combination with proteins, such as TRIPLE WHEY, as this ensures that the necessary nutrients are quickly absorbed into the muscle cells. Carbohydrates are not only useful after training, but are also often used as a meal supplement by so-called hardgainers (people who have problems gaining weight). The athletes in question drink 1 to 3 MEGA GAIN shakes a day and achieve excellent results in terms of weight gain and muscle building.