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PROTEIN BARS are not only popular as a snack between meals, but are also ideal as a high-quality snack before and after training and as a protein-rich meal replacement. However, both the quality and the list of ingredients are crucial, because not all protein bars are the same!

We have made it our mission to use only the best raw materials and to offer only useful products. This is how the 55ER was created - the first REAL low-sugar protein bar. With a maximum protein content of 55%, 3 high-quality protein components and less than 1 g of sugar per bar, the 55er delivers the best nutritional values ​​- free from artificial vitamin additives and without inferior raw materials. In addition, it not only tastes delicious, but is also low in fat and easy to digest. See for yourself and do the taste and quality test. We promise you, you will be impressed!