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Column 24 | Don’t stand still


Column 24 - Don't stand still
I am 18 years old, 1.85 meters tall and weigh 74 kilos. I have been training for almost three years, but have had little success in that time. I have been taking creatine every day for four months: two to three portions of six grams each. My diet consists mainly of vegetables and whole grain products, and I drink a lot of water. I have heard that meat is not the right thing because animal protein is not really healthy. That is why I hardly eat any meat anymore, and have been for three years. I train three times a week. My training plan, which I have been doing for six months, is as follows:
  1. ten minutes of abdominal exercises
  2. four sets of neck pulls
  3. three sets of back bends
  4. four sets of Butterfly
  5. four sets of bench presses
  6. four sets of incline bench presses
  7. four sets of barbell curls
  8. three sets of tricep presses
  9. three sets of overhead tricep extensions
  10. two sets of curls on the machine

I need 70 to 90 minutes for this workout. Is my program correct or should I train certain muscle groups on different days? Maybe you can recommend a nutritional supplement?


Andreas Frey answers
Based on your comments, it quickly becomes clear that you are making fundamental mistakes in both your training and your diet. I would like to help you uncover these mistakes and eliminate them without compromise.

Let's start with training: your program is not really useful - neither for a beginner nor for an advanced lifter and especially not for someone like you who has been lifting weights for three years!

Avoid training mistakes!
  1. You don't train your legs!
  2. The exercise order is wrong!!
  3. You are missing proper back training!
  4. You're doing way too many sets!
Stick to the following split program:
Optimal 4-split
  • Monday: Chest, triceps
  • Tuesday: Legs, calves
  • Wednesday: Break
  • Thursday: shoulders, stomach
  • Friday: Back, biceps
  • Saturday: Break
  • Sunday: Break
The leg press is one of the effective leg exercises
Since you are underweight, you should keep cardio training to a minimum. Only do a 15-minute aerobic session twice a week with a high pulse of 150 to primarily strengthen your heart.

Train in a range of eight to twelve reps per set. You may also like the ?Hatfield program?, which is described in the article about the different TRAINING METHODS A workout should not last longer than 60 minutes to remain in an anabolic phase and avoid catabolic processes. Do not do more than ten sets for large muscle groups such as chest, shoulders, legs and back, and no more than six for small ones such as biceps, triceps, calves and stomach.

Low-fat meats such as poultry and fish are by no means unhealthy and are also an excellent source of protein.
And now for nutrition: take a so-called post-workout shake immediately after training, preferably before showering. It provides important nutrients in this window of time that is favorable for building muscle and should contain the following, based on your weight:
Post-Workout Shake (PWN)
Leg training should always be part of your training
As for your concerns about meat consumption, I can reassure you: meat is neither unhealthy nor dangerous. But it depends on the type of meat you eat. It may be that very fatty meat can harm the body in the long run. But the situation is completely different with low-fat varieties such as poultry or fish, which are also an excellent source of protein. To make significant progress in your efforts, you should include meat as a basic food in your diet. Without meat, it would be very difficult to build solid lean muscle mass, as animal protein has the highest biological value and can therefore be used best by the body to build muscle.

As for creatine, the daily amount you are taking is way too high. Instead, take five grams per day - as already explained, immediately after training. Products like PURE CREATINE contain creatine in its highest purity. This means that it has an excellent effect even in a small dosage of five grams per day.

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